Morton Insurance & Risk Management was founded to be the premier risk management consulting and insurance firm in the region. The cornerstone of our commitment is the use of proprietary diagnostic risk assessment tools developed to assist our clients in determining their organization’s exposure to loss.

The passage of new laws, increased monitoring at the State and Federal levels, and an increasingly litigious society have created the demand for a modular risk assessment process to identify, measure and reduce risk. Losses can occur at all levels from minor accidents to major catastrophes. These audits identify the types of risks to which an organization is vulnerable and determines how well positioned the company is to control a loss should one occur. Our process, however, goes beyond identifying problems. While we cannot prevent a devastating property loss, a third party liability suit or an employee from becoming injured on the job; we can work with you to develop policies and procedures to address each area. This education and training is critical in minimizing losses that impact your bottom line.

Four things characterize our unique process:

  1. We are serious about proactive services. Morton Insurance & Risk Management invests heavily in staffing a qualified team of professionals in areas of account management, risk control, and claims management. This team serves as advisors and advocates for our clients.
  2. We have an exceptionally effective, collaborative process. It begins with a thorough understanding of your company’s operations. Our clients see the light when they recognize the correlation between risk management and how it benefits them in terms of lower premiums, better safety records, improved employee morale, reduced absenteeism and enhanced productivity. We are in the business of education, not sales.
  3. We are results oriented. We measure the impact of our risk management and procedure interventions. Sound Solutions gives you the “risk roadmap” of where you are, where you are going and how we are going to get you there. After the initial audit and implementation of enhanced procedures; Federal compliance, claims and crisis management systems, employment practices and comprehensive liability analysis are then monitored long term.
  4. We strive to develop long-term relationships. Our clients view us as their risk management partner, not just an insurance broker. Relationships with our clients are strong and long-term in nature because we emphasize helping you eliminate or shift risk if possible, even outside the insurance realm.