Business Continuity and The Contractor Who Could..

Business Continuity and The Contractor Who Could..

I use to think the phone lines, data, and fax services inside the walls of our secured office building were safe. But not if you have a contractor who doesn’t underand the difference between electrical and data wires…CutFolio

See exhibit A —>

Half of our office building has no data or phone service. It raises many questions but the question business owners REALLY need to answer has to do with business interruption. Do you have a continuity plan in place in the event someone makes this kind of mistake? I saw a dozen owners of businesses red in the face this morning with a management company who did a less than stellar job at taking responsibility for their businesses being unable to function.

We had a continuity plan in place. It’s part of what we do! If you’d like to see a sampling of the broad Business Continuity Planning resources available, just click here!

I only ask one favor…share with me your email address to let me know you downloaded the resource. I’d appreciate the opportunity to follow up with you to discuss how we can custom craft a plan for you.

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